Foundations of CBT


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This on-demand course allows you to attend the training in your own time and at your own pace. This practical course focuses on helping therapists to gain comprehensive understanding, competency, and skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This course is intensive and comprehensive, it includes lots of practical tips, CBT techniques and interventions. This on-demand training is derived from the CBT courses Cindy Strydom, Clinical Psychologists has been presenting on since 2016.

Learn how to apply the various concepts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to therapeutic work. There is often a misconception of CBT and how exactly to use the modality in therapy. This training creates a really in-depth understanding of the modality and how to apply the CBT concept of thoughts create emotion and behaviour, and especially how to address unhelpful thinking in an empathetic, person-centered yet directive manner. This course is packed with the understanding and tools you need to apply CBT in therapy. Topics that we will explore includes:


  • Fundamental of CBT
  • CBT case conceptualisation
  • Developing a treatment plan
  • Working with emotions in CBT
  • Interventions and questioning
  • Identifying themes
  • Structuring sessions and being directive
  • Goal and agenda setting
  • And video roleplay of therapy
Course Length

24 Hours – Multiple sections


24 general


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11 reviews for Foundations of CBT

  1. Lize (verified owner)

    This was a great course! It definitely enhanced my knowledge and provided many tools to use. It is user-friendly as it is recorded, and the website is managed professionally. I could watch it and complete the quizzes when I had time available. Great value for money and highly recommended.

  2. Graeme Sacks (verified owner)

    Wonderful course. Highly recommended

  3. Yasmin Omar (verified owner)

    An easy to follow and not purely academic workshop. I leave feeling empowered to use this more in therapy. Thank you! Yasmin Omar – Educational Psychologist (S. Africa)

  4. Tseko Motshegoa (verified owner)

    Thank you, I enjoyed the course!

  5. Tseko Motshegoa (verified owner)

    The course was structured and presented very well.

  6. Buyisile Mncina (verified owner)

    I encourage psychologists to attend these as often as they can. It has a beautiful way of holding our practices accountable in an affirming manner.

  7. Yasmin Omar (verified owner)

    Practical and relevant.

  8. Lize (verified owner)

    Informative, valuable tools, value for money.

  9. Noline Ann Strydom (verified owner)


  10. Mildred Godji (verified owner)

    Engaging and Knowledgeable Course. Great Value for Money

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